Frozen Custard

If you’re a frozen custard first-timer, get ready to have your mind blown. A recent addition to the menu, frozen custard has become our #3 best-selling item. Why? We could tell you, but we think your tastebuds will explain it better.

Flavor of the day

Can’t get enough of frozen custard? Good thing we have plenty of flavors to try. With each Andy’s location serving up their own unique flavor of the day, we’re always serving up something new (and delicious).

To see what custard flavor your neighborhood location is serving today, find your nearest Location.

Fresh, all-natural ingredients

We make our frozen custard fresh several times a day by churning our own special blend of all-natural ingredients. We take our time and handle it with TLC to ensure that each and every bite is pure frozen custard perfection.

Our frozen custard is made with the same philosophy that you’ve come to expect from your friends at Andy’s Burgers, Shakes & Fries: Food made fresh and from the highest-quality ingredients.

What exactly is frozen custard?

Originally popularized on Coney Island in the early 1900’s, frozen custard is a cold dessert that is made with eggs in addition to cream and sugar.

One main difference between custard and ice cream is the creation process. Ice cream is made using a process called overrun, in which air is blended into the mixture of ingredients until its volume increases by approximately 100%, meaning that half of the final product is composed of air.

By comparison, custard is blended much slower and may have overrun as low as 20%. The low percentage of overrun and the egg yolk give frozen custard a thick, creamy texture and a smoother, softer consistency than ice cream.